The Vepr continues to evolve

The original rifle was a standard 20″ .308 Vepr from Wolf Arms.

20″ barrel combined with Texas Weapons aperture sight on a dog leg scope rail = very long sight radius. Not yet installed but coming — fiber optic front sight from HiViz.

Wide stock on a hydraulic shock absorber = roughly 22WMR level of recoil.

X5L light and green laser = close-range backup sighting option. Aimpoint M2 for longer range.

TSD 20rd magazine. With rock and lock magazines, the extra length is important for leverage and not just capacity.

I swapped the original rail for Texas Weapons part and like it much better. It’s more solid and less abrasive. Magpul sling attachment on top of that to keep the rifle from rolling when slung across.

Still need to add Krebbs extended selector lever.

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2 Responses to The Vepr continues to evolve

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  2. Matt says:

    I’m really liking what you’re doing. What kind of groups are you getting?

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