Why get a Coonan?

The most common comment made by people who tried it the first time has been: “It’s like shooting a laser!” I found it easy to make 50 yard hits on steel plates.

I don’t work for them, I am just a fan.

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10 Responses to Why get a Coonan?

  1. the_grey_rider says:

    Awesome. I have yet to fire a “laser guided bullet”, but planned on possibly putting one on my AR-15 M4A4…

  2. DaddyBear says:

    I really liked the one you brought to Knoxville, although I’d have to have a heck of a good belt and holster to keep it from pulling my pants down. That’s a pretty big chunk of steel.

  3. Scott Johnson says:

    You are becoming a bad influence. I really don’t need one of these and don’t have room on my want list for it. But it sure would be a nice compliment to my 3 .357 revolvers.

  4. mp5FanBoy says:

    It’s gonna be interesting when your shooter gets promoted to the bench…

  5. David says:

    You really need to stop posting pictures of Coonan pistols. My budgeting skills only have so much self control…

  6. Glenn says:

    You got wind of a nomination in the works?

  7. Bryan S. says:

    Handled a few of these. Even the base level pistol has a good trigger and a nice quality of metalwork.

  8. What is it about the Coonan that makes it such an accurate shot. I’ve been looking at getting a .357 for some time now and this is very tempting. It doesn’t take some specialty round that makes it impossible to get bulk ammo for does it?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      They recommend standard 125gr or 158-gr jacketed ammunition. Accuracy comes from the excellent pivoting trigger and the fact that it fires all rounds from the same chamber, not from six different chambers like a revolver. Also, no cylinder gap means slightly higher muzzle velocity and less noise.

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