Current Boberg XR9-S

Boberg Arms | Hornady

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11 Responses to Current Boberg XR9-S

  1. ecurbCO says:

    I like the length, does it seem to anyone else like it would be hard to get a good grip on?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      It’s one of the most comfortable guns I’ve ever fired. Accurate, with low recoil, slight muzzle flip…it feels more like a CZ75 than the pocket pistol it is.

      • R. says:

        So, the real question is, will Arne Boberg ever make them in .45 ACP?

        I mean, imagine a gun slightly bigger than this firing the .45 ACP and with a barrel that’s full length. That’d drive home the message that while 1911 is a fine weapon, it’s been surpassed.

        Anyway,… my dream carry gun. Now I know what I want, I just have to earn money to get one.

        Bloody import duties and fees. That’ll add like $300 to the price, at least.

    • "lee n. field" says:

      Looking at it, seeing the undercut trigger guard and the magazine baseplate, is that most would get a pretty good two finger grip onto it. The weight, such as it is, will be centered over the hand, and not forward towards the muzzle.

  2. Sean says:

    Does it actually exist? Can one go into a store and buy one? Are there spare magazines available? It looks like a nice guy. But it has looked like a nice gun for 5 years.

  3. Tyler says:


    Trust me, it’s worth the wait. I’ve held the current production model and have fired several of the prototypes in years past. Oleg’s CZ75 analogy is spot-on. It’s extremely comfortable and has a very predictable/manageable recoil.

    Given the production stamp on the image above, I’d say it’s coming soon.

  4. Ted N says:

    Haven’t noticed until now that they’re based out of WBL, MN, and I grew up 20-30 minutes away. Makes me happy. Can’t wait to see them on the shelves at the local store.

    Any idea on price yet?

  5. ChrisJ says:

    The one thing that has me worried, and unlikely to buy it is the 1yr warranty. I’ve grown too accustom to the lifetime warranties other manufacturers have.

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  7. Bryan S. says:

    I fear that this very cool design will suffer from a few thing. Most wont buy beause it isnt a clone of their favorite system. The remaining ones will want to wait a few years and see how they work out, which helps the manufacturer only to close out a model or close up shop.

    Low numbers mean big prices, which isnt too bad for a good quality piece. But ther is a limit to most budgets.

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