Name this rifle.

Sergeant Hartman: What’s this weapon’s name, Private Pyle?
Private Pyle: Sir, the Private’s weapon’s name is Charlene, sir!

My suggestion was “Judith” after another lethal Israeli. Whatever the name, this rose smells equally sweet to my friend Charles. He’s been dreaming about this rifle for nearly a decade and finally got it yesterday from IWI. Shown here with EOTech 552 holosight and Viridian X5L RS light/laser combo. Backup iron sights are folded into the Picatinny rail.

I got to shoot this at SHOT show and really liked the balance and the accuracy. Will shoot it again under more controlled conditions on Saturday. I have another, black Tavor here for more photos.

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8 Responses to Name this rifle.

  1. Scott says:

    Oooooohhh! That rifle is definitely moving up on my list of Do. Want!s Looking forward to the range report, Oleg.

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  3. WestonMoss says:

    Whats the price you’re seeing on these?

  4. Ross says:

    I’m going with Matilda.

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  6. David F. Podesta says:

    I’m thinking “Little David” after the Bible story of David & Goliath.CHT

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