HK MP7 sound-suppressed with B&T silencer

4.6x30mm round fires bullets in the 26-42 grain range at 2000-2400fps. Designed to penetrate soft body armor, it produces minimal felt recoil, especially when sound-suppressed. It’s quite easy to keep a 3-6 round burst on a silhouette at 100 meters. Unfortunately, short-barreled weapons with stocks are restricted and taxed, while automatic arms made after 1986 are unavailable to non-government users entirely…almost as if they consider us dangerous savages who cannot be trusted with self-defense arms. That was the policy of the British empire towards its Indian colonial subjects, and it is the preferred policy of certain American politicians to the rest of the country’s population.

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  1. flagunblog says:

    Wow! An MP7 in the wild! I like it.

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