Short-notice casting call in Austin, TX

I need a male actor for a short video, someone who would look authoritative and confident speaking about rifles and accessories. The person who was going to work for us is suddenly unavailable.

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8 Responses to Short-notice casting call in Austin, TX

  1. I am NOT an attractive man, but I’ll be in Austin this Tuesday through Sunday.



  2. I am a current firearms instructor, and a TCLEOSE Patrol Rifle Instructor. Perhaps I can help. Feel free to email me.

  3. LarryArnold says:

    I’ve been teaching shooting for 30 years, and have a couple dozen live stage performances under my belt. I’m in Kerrville, a couple of hours west, but I can get to Austin. So if you don’t mind someone who’s 67…

  4. John Atkinson says:

    No acting experience, but I’m a former Army Recruiter. I can sound authoritative talking about anything. I’m on leave for the next 4 weeks in Georgetown.

  5. Daddy Hawk says:

    I’m 3 hours north of Austin. I can make arrangements for most anything except Saturdays.

  6. I can buy you a beer after you’re done. Missed you the last time you were in Austin.

  7. Scribbler says:

    I’m in Dallas and can speak well, though there’s not a lot I could talk about off the cuff. I can’t really get to Austin any time soon though.

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