“Girls can’t handle recoil.”

Recoilless to the rescue! RPG7 here, though the good old American 106mm would do better for actually hitting things at range. Just mind the backblast, it’s apt┬áto singe the curtains.

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15 Responses to “Girls can’t handle recoil.”

  1. LarryArnold says:

    Internet’s loading slow this morning. (My fault, I’ve got things running in the background.) So I had my scathing response to the title half-written when the picture displayed.

    Now I’m sitting here chuckling, remembering all the Hollywood good guys and bad guys I’ve seen firing RPGs, LAWs, and other recoilless arms from inside buildings, and even vehicles and helicopters. Then they remark on how much it “kicks.”

    Where did you find this one? I’ve never seen an RPG7 that polished and shiny. (I’m picturing you in some secret Politbureau end-of-the-world command post deep in the Urals.)

  2. Matt says:

    Airsoft RPG?

  3. Ray says:

    I remember reading some months ago, that one of the best world class competitive shooters with the .50CAL. BMG rifle , was a 5ft nothin’ 100+nothin’ pound, blond teenage girl. The last time I tried it there was NOTHING “recoilless” about the Barrett. And Larry, No Gas escape port on the right side of the weapon (the reason you can ONLY fire the RPG-7 from the right shoulder) Hence NOT a real RPG-7. P.S. She’s holding it wrong , her hands are bassacwards , Right hand rear; left hand front, Make certain the rocket is “locked in place” safety cap ON the detonator in the rain , Safety cap OFF when “dry” , Line it up , thumb cock, “safety” off, LOOK BEHIND YOU , so you don’t fry numbnuts, aim , fire– RUN. At least that how I remember it. It has been the best part of 35+ years since I trained with soviet weapons.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      It’s a toy weapon, unfortunately. We tried both hand positions, the other wasn’t comfortable.

    • LarryArnold says:

      I teach a “Buying Your First Handgun” class that includes shooting a variety of handguns, starting with a Ruger .22 Single-Six. In two hours every woman I’ve taught worked up to .45ACP 1911 and S&W .357 Magnum. Well over half fired my Dan Wesson .44 Magnum. That’s not to say they all enjoyed the recoil, but they’ve got the bragging rights.

  4. tad says:

    With one of these it doesn’t matter if you “throw like a girl”.

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  6. ET says:

    My morning dose of Tam at View from the Porch didn’t happen today as she has apparently turned her blog into “invitation only”. Anyone know what’s going on there?

  7. Sid says:

    My favorite derp with recoilless weapons was the scene in Rambo. He fired a LAW from the pilot seat of a Huey. I am quite certain we all understand the consequences of that particular action.

  8. Y. says:

    However, only people dipped in F.E.V. can use the M40 RR as easily as an RPG.

    It weighs ~500 lbs or so..

  9. DonM says:

    One odd thing about the RPG-7 is the rocket burns after it is ejected from the launcher. Because of that, it flys up wind in a side wind. The US counterpart would probably be the M-18 57mm recoilless rifle, the M-20 (3.5 inch super Bazooka) or the M-67 90mm Recoilless Rifle, a full caliber pipe, with a lower pressure burner motor (but with larger surface area to push on) that is supposed to be consumed by the time the round leaves the tube.

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