First impression of Sony A7R and 55/1.8 lens

Auto focus is much, much faster with a native lens compared to Canon lenses on Metabones adapter. Numeric distance readout in the viewfinder is a great help when focusing manually. I am not sure how accurate the focusing is yet, have to look at the images on a big screen. The lens should have been made with a physical AF/MF switch.

Focus peaking is a major win when working with tilt lenses. Canon 90TS becomes a very viable tool even in low light. With all lenses, manual focusing with zoomed in view is excellent. The implementation is much better than with Canon.

User interface is far better than the older Alpha and NEX series, and configurable buttons are useful. Input dials could use more texture, they are hard to tell from the rest of the camera body by feel.

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  1. Chris Elliott (SilverbackImagery) says:

    Thanks for the review.
    Your opinion is always helpful.
    BTW- Mandi Lee says hi.

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