Unedited samples from Sony A7R

I obtained Sony A7R to supplement my Canon 5D2 bodies in studio. The Canons are far more useful for fast action, Sony AF being useless. It’s as slow or worse than the first serious AF body, Maxxum 7000 from 1985! Manual focus is also quirky, with focus peaking being inaccurate in unmagnified view but very precise once zoomed in. ┬áThe main reason for adding this body is for the 36MP sensor. The extra resolution will be a big help when preparing huge SHOT show display prints.

Two quick examples below done with Canon lens on a Metabones IV adapter. These are JPEGs straight from the camera, reduced to 1200px (click on the preview to see larger). The insets are 1:1 once magnified. This is the first camera I’ve owned that produces useable JPEGs in addition to RAW files.


Base ISO50, 100mm Canon macro lens at f8

ISO200, 100mm Canon macro lens at f4.

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5 Responses to Unedited samples from Sony A7R

  1. Paul Koning says:

    Impressive. Being able to see the halftone dots on that box is a nice demonstration of resolution.

    I remember a Leica some time ago that had a humongous sensor (50 MP or something in that range???). Does that ring any bells? Leica has a long-running reputation, but I never heard anyone who had seen that beast. Do you know about it?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Leica made a 37MP S2 which I used thanks to a friend. Awesome detail level, even better than this Sony by far. But I was new to it and kept my aperture too open (also didn’t have enough flash power at the time), so my photos were not as successful as hoped.

  2. brian says:

    …that camera is great. gives awesome resolution.

  3. The Stig says:

    I had a Fuji X Pro 1, and it was similar in that it could create very sharp hi-resolution photos, but the autofocus was painfully slow and inaccurate. I spent most of my time manually focusing. Finally sold it. They’ll get there, but they aren’t there yet.

  4. Chris Elliott (SilverbackImagery) says:

    Very nice.
    Your reviews save me time and frustration

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