Please recommend a workflow for Sony A7R files (Windows 7)

With Canon 5D2, I can open RAW straight out of Adobe Bridge (CS 5.5). Can’t do that with A7R. My options seems to be the following:

  • Use DNG Converter (free but slow)
  • Update to the current Creative Studio subscription (more streamlined, expensive, though perhaps discounts exist)
  • Some other path?

I welcome suggestions.

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3 Responses to Please recommend a workflow for Sony A7R files (Windows 7)

  1. Tim Covington says:

    Well, I’ve been very happy with my CC subscription. You can get the Photoshop/Lightroom combo for $10/month. Or, if you have purchased CS3 or newer, you can get the total package for $30/month. Since I can write this off on my taxes, I just get the total package.

  2. Scott Bragg says:

    It looks like the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw for CS5/5.5 is v 6.7.1 which doesn’t support a7r.

    If you can get your hands on a stand-alone version of Lightroom 5 (I believe it’s still available without the subscription model forced on the rest of us who use other adobe products), it uses ACR 8.4 and above which directly supports A7R.

    Workflow wise, you import into Lightroom, then ‘edit in photoshop’ from the LR interface. It works much like Bridge, but has quite a bit more in the way of metadata and editing capabilities. I’m in lightroom about 90% of the time now and only use PS for compositing or some specific effect that I can’t do in LR.

    Also, this looks interesting in that it converst a7r into a d800e NEF file which I believe the version of ACR you have supports natively.


  3. Vince says:

    There’s a release candidate for A7R raw and lightroom 5 – but you might want to read this:

    Capture One I think has support in the latest version. And I would expect some possible improvements with lightroom – but maybe not.

    I did what was probably my last upgrade of CS Design Premium – to CS6. Since I don’t make money doing this and I can’t write it off, there’s no chance I’ll go cloud – I hate the idea anyway. What do you have left if you cancel? I don’t have a clue.

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