Twin Browning 1919 wallpaper

This rig is an excellent illustration of how guns can make up for lack of number or physical strength. A hundred-pound girl can hold off a mob of hundreds if properly armed, while even a dozen of unarmed strong men would get trampled by the same. Ideally, a machine gunner would be supported by an assistant and a squad of riflemen, but with good placement and the ability to fire one gun while the other cools down or gets fresh ammo, even a single defender can have a strong effect.

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6 Responses to Twin Browning 1919 wallpaper

  1. Awtha says:

    I just can’t think of any reason why every home should not be equipped with one of these in the attic.
    Mr Volk, thanks very much for your blog & pics. You & they are much appreciated.

  2. Looks like one .308 and one .30 or 8mm. Diversity!

  3. Paul says:

    I knew the only way anyone would tell a difference was from the front. Makes little difference when all you see is flashes though!

  4. Ian McCollum says:

    You can tell the difference from the left side, too…different length front cartridge stops.

    I only have one gun, but all three calibers. :p

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