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Boberg XR9-S again

Shot it with regular ammo and SBR tracers yesterday. Watching people getting hits on a 50 yard target with a pocket pistol was pretty cool.

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XR9-S in use

My colleague, make-up artist Tirzah, in combat trim. She can fight with pistol, knife or bare hands…but using a pistol is easier on the fingernails. The holster purse is from Gun Tote’n Mamas.

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Old snapshots of Danica

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Boberg Arms XR9-S range report

Yesterday, I shot about 200 rounds of various brands through it. Others at the range shot another 100. No malfunctions. Recoil with +P and +P+ was slightly more noticeable but still comfortable. Zero seems to be at about 30ft, so … Continue reading

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