Czech-made revolvers

More options in medium frame revolvers: .38 and .357 Czechpoint models. I haven’t fired them yet but hope to do it by the end of the month. Overall, they look like K-frames with recessed chambers and re-designed ejectors.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Too bad they can’t import the .357 Magnum revolver carbine

    due to its barrel length (less than 16″ is classified as a short-barreled rifle)

    But the .22 LR revolver carbine, which Czechpoint does import, looks very interesting.

  2. You haven’t done one on the LCRs have you? I’ve had both the .38 and now the .357 and appreciate them both.

  3. Do the cylinders turn clockwise or counter-clockwise? I would like to find a good, reliable and affordable revolver for the house and maybe the occasional carry.

  4. Duray says:

    Counter-clockwise. Why does it matter?

  5. Henry says:

    Supposedly clockwise rotation of the cylinder forces the crane against the frame creating tighter lockup & better cylinder/forcing cone (barrel) alinement improving accuracy. I’ve yet to see any practical difference.
    There’s an urban legend of an idiot who decided to show off by playing Russian Roulette & thought he’d loaded the revolver so the cartridge would not be under the firing pin when the revolver was cocked & the hammer would fall on an empty chamber.He was used to the cylinder rotating one way & the gun in hand rotated the opposite way. Another ‘Darwin Award’ winner.

  6. Henry says:

    P.S. to DisavowedWithHonor: has Ruger Security-Six .357’s for $240-$500.You should beat that price at a gun show. 2″ Smith & Wesson Model 10’s in .38Spl. run $300-$400 & are good shooters. J&G Sales usually has a good selection of police trade-ins.

  7. Sean says:

    Like Henry said above, I wonder why anyone would buy one. Used good quality S&W and Ruger revolvers are plentiful. And easy to work on. Parts are plentiful.

  8. Here in Italy, we had them since a few years now. Not bad overall, and less expensive than any S&W, yet less known and less popular… I’d go for one, if I ever were to choose a budget revolver.

  9. glockoholic says:

    I had the Alpha Steel mod. 3541 .357Magnum. It’s not so bad, but if you need a good revolver, jus buy any Smith Wesson or Colt or just Ruger, bet not the czech made revolver.

  10. Gunnutmegger says:

    If it was a choice between a Taurus and these Czech models, which would be your choice?

    Personally, I would take a chance on these Czechs.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I do not have enough experience with either recent Taurus or these, but I should have first-hand experience later in the week.

  11. They look nothing like K-frames to me. The look a lot like a copy of a Charter Arms target model. The crane and sideplate (or lack thereof) look very “Charterish”

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  13. Henry says:

    FYI:Smiths & Rugers rotate counterclockwise;Colts clockwise.

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