Tricking out an AK

My friend’s Bulgarian AK clone with Insight MRDS on Ultimak rail, Ace M4 SOCOM stock. It remains streamlined and AK-simple, but the speed of target acquisition and recoil control improved. The changes added very little weight.

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10 Responses to Tricking out an AK

  1. Henry says:

    The only mod I have is orange paint on the front sight.
    I’m considering an Ashley Big-Dot front sight.
    I’d love a fixed stock long enough to fit me(longer LOP).I’ve yet to find an adjustable that I’m really comfortable with.

  2. Scott J says:

    I just hate that all the variants of the Kalashnikov family have gotten so expensive. I paid $99.95 plus tax for my 1954 Tula SKS back in 1994 (prior to passage of the AW bill). I rarely see a SKS for less than $300 these days.

    • Totenglocke says:

      Well, you also have to remember that since 1986, prices have doubled, so inflation would account for a large amount of that price increase.

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  4. Jason says:

    In the bottom, face-on photo, it looks like the model is sighting with his non-dominant (left) eye. Maybe just a trick of the angle?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      The model is left eyed and left handed, so he shot that way out of habit. In general, the advantage of red dots is that one doesn’t have to have the strong eye behind the optic.

      • James B. says:

        It may be a trick of the angle or I might be using my left eye out of habit. That was one of the early photos in the day. It usually takes me a few tries to warm up to swapping eye dominance when working back and forth primary/complimentary side firing. In a pinch, I cheat by closing the non-firing eye until my brain gets in gear.

  5. Joe Grant says:

    What optic and mount is on the Ultimak gas tube rail?

  6. Sicario says:

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