Short shotgun comparison

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14 Responses to Short shotgun comparison

  1. Sean says:

    But I can actually go buy a non-NFA 870. There are at least 5 places within ten minutes of me that have them sitting on their shelves. The Kel-Tec doesn’t exist in the real world. And won’t for many years.

  2. magarill says:

    KSG интересен и привлекателен, спору нет. Только вот как с надёжностью функционирования его усложнённой механики, и со служебной прочностью?
    И ещё хотелось бы понять, насколько быстро его можно зарядить.

  3. Michael Faragher says:

    We have a few on order for T&E. I’ve got money on it taking longer than that first run of Sig 556 rifles. I sympathize with the supply side, but it doesn’t make it sting any less for the consumer.

  4. Joe Grant says:

    I see your point Oleg! The KelTec clearly has advantages but I still have much love for the Remington 870. My 20″ barreled 870 Police is one of my favorites but I would love to own a KSG as well…

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I do own a 20ga 870 Youth which I like reasonably well. The comparison was very much for the CQB and police use.

  5. I’d buy one if I had money to burn which I most certainly don’t, so will stick with my Saiga 12.

  6. David says:

    I have to agree – I’ll get the Form approved for any NFA item long before I see a KelTec KSG.

  7. MAJ Mike says:

    Meh. I’ll stick with my Mossberg 500 12 gauage riot gun. Proven design, easy to manipulate and feed.

    • Sean says:

      And it probably cost 1/4, or less, than a KSG. There is one sitting about 10 feet from me right now.

      I really think the KSG is a fascinating product. Like many of Kel-Tec’s products. But they can’t actually make any of them. I doubt I will see a KSG on a store shelf before 2015.

  8. Brent Newman says:

    There was a KSG at CTD Fort Worth when I went buy the other day to get another AR receiver. Nifty piece of kit.

  9. libertyman says:

    The tax stamp is only $5.00, not $200.00. It is an AOW (any other weapon).

  10. libertyman says:

    Yes, you are right about the AOW v. Short Barrel Shotgun — what crazy laws!

  11. Jerry says:

    The 870’s, the 500’s, the 12oo’s, even my 21A, they work. These things, well, look good, but….Optical illusions bedammed, I will try again.

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