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New on CTD: The Great Marginal Utility of the First Gun.

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Don’t end up like Reginald Denny.

SU16D12 The rail was designed by a Kel-tec employee and is one of several made for evaluation. The carbine can be fired with one hand if necessary and runs great with the 60-round Surefire magazine. I’d probably prefer a lighter … Continue reading

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What other .308 autoloader can be deployed rapidly from a subcompact car?

For reference, the vehicle is the tiny Nissan Versa. If necessary, the rifle can be brought to bear and fired on a driver-side threat with one hand. RFB

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Caryatid (nsfw)

A decorative element seen on a friend’s house.

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New on CTD: Orthodoxy in Training

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New video about rimfire carbines

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vz58 in anti-Communist hands

The rifle is from Czechpoint.

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Accommodations for the NRA Convention

This year, I decided to go to St.Louis for the NRA Convention. I will be riding with a friend, so won’t have a vehicle while in town. Need suggestions on where to stay. While I have friends in the area, … Continue reading

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Serpent skin holster for PMR30

Dennis is an artist in leather. This one is a true custom fitted just right for the specific owner.

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My photos in use: ATI trade show banner

See it big at the NRA show.

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In case your KSG doesn’t hold enough ammunition…

…bring a dozen more rounds with you on a Mesa Tactical side-saddle. If you use 3″ shells, that would be an extra full pound of launch-able lead.

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An old poster with corrected spelling.


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Left-handed newbies

Last thing a new shooter needs is an additional handicap of a right-handed rifle. Crickett The same carbine works as an oversized pistol for right-handed adults. It’s good for a quarter-sized group at 25 yards.

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Dragon Leather holsters ride again

Dennis made an awesome custom holster for my friend Dot. Another friend’s 14-year-old daughter is wearing it in the photo. As you can see, a small framed teenager can be comfortable with both a PMR30 on the hip and an … Continue reading

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This long cat isn’t very long (nsfw)

This one isn’t as long as usual, but it comes with an attentive attendant.

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RFB length

To me, the support hand placement on the 18″ variant illustrates that the version with a 24″ barrel wouldn’t be too long. The long quad forend would allow greater iron sight radius for backup, as well as a tandem placement … Continue reading

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Keltec RFB at the range

Jim Gilliland test-fired this RFB with 168 grain Setpoint ballistic tips and 175 grain Georgia Arms match ammunition. With 4x scope, he got roughly 1.5MOA. Last year, Mike Meador shot it with Federal Gold Match using a much higher-magnification scope … Continue reading

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Another Kandros Custom pistol

Made by Chad Kandros.

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Jim Gilliland

Jim and Missy visited this weekend for photos for various articles. Here’s one of Jim showing a proper stance with a Remington 700.

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Snapshots of Miri

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