Accommodations for the NRA Convention

This year, I decided to go to St.Louis for the NRA Convention. I will be riding with a friend, so won’t have a vehicle while in town. Need suggestions on where to stay. While I have friends in the area, they are 30-40 minutes away. Info on hotels near the convention from those who’ve been in the area before or any other ideas are welcome.

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  1. Don Gwinn says:

    Hotels in town are hard to find right now–the downtown places are very full. St. Louis has very good public transit, so you can stay at the airport or across the river in Illinois and not necessarily be stranded. I checked the airport area hotels simply because I know that part of town a little, but they were estimating 45 minutes on the metrolink train to get to the America’s Center.
    I’m staying in Collinsville, IL. It should take me about 20-25 minutes to get to the AC, but I won’t have to park in downtown St. Louis. I’ll park at the metrorail station on the Illinois side and ride the train across; there’s a metrolink station right there at the America’s Center, and everything else is within easy walking distance. If you want to carpool from somewhere on the Illinois side of the river, let me know. I’ll be in town on Friday evening with a car; I just won’t be driving around in STL itself.

  2. topofthechain says:

    I am not sure how many hotels are filled up for the convention this late. I would guess all of them. Of some note, is that this the St. Louis Cardinals home opener weekend. Downtown St. Louis will be crazy. and the Cubs are the opposing team, which will make it even more so. You might try for something in the Central West End, about 15 min from the convention center, or something in the Westport/ Maryland Heights area. It is perhaps 20 min by car from there.

  3. Ed - Hawkhavn says:


    Make sure you stop by the Appleseed Booth (#343) when you have a moment.


  4. Pete says:

    If you have friends 30-40 minutes away that may be your best bet. The convention center is on the edge of north St Louis city, where there’s a shooting every day. With the Cardinals game (we are a baseball city!) it may be hard to find a reasonably priced room in one of the better hotels.
    That said, anything downtown should work fine. Just make sure the hotel is actually downtown and not in midtown or farther out, many of the city hotels advertise a downtown location when they are not. Lacledes Landing and the Lumiere Casino and hotel is a very short walk and I’ve heard pleasant things about the hotel.

  5. Mark says:

    I’m from St. Louis originally and did a write up for convention goers here:

    Since you won’t have a car I’d recommend using the metrolink it will drop you off very close to the convention center, and the hotels out by the airport have free shuttles that run you from the hotel to the airport metrolink station. Also if you have any issues my 2 brothers are still in St. Louis, my younger brother lives about 3.5 miles from the airport, so let me know and I can set it up for you to have a fall back if necessary.

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