New video about rimfire carbines

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6 Responses to New video about rimfire carbines

  1. Even better though is a .22LR conversion bolt & bolt carrier kit, as then you have the same form and function that you’ve tweaked to your own liking on your rifle in 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington…for half the price! (Bolt & Bolt carrier usually run about $200 – and often comes with 1 mag – Brownell’s has a pack with 4 or 5 magazines available as a deal from time to time)

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I have both and conversion bolts suffer from poor accuracy. Also they use the same sights as the main gun, so the sights would have to be re-zeroed every time a caliber is switched.

      • Michael Faragher says:

        That’s even ignoring the problems using lead ammunition in a barrel with a gas port that you send jacketed ammunition down. It’s nice to have the same weapon for familiarization, but the only 22 conversion kits I really trust are those with their own barrel, like the Kimber 1911 conversion kit or the old G3 .22LR training kit.

  2. Dick Clark says:

    Easy solution to Michael’s problem: use jacketed ammo.

  3. AK™ says:

    Oleg…no sound suppressor???????????

    I think I’ll save up for a K-T gun. The SU-16 sounds promising.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I have both SU22 and rimfire AR15. The AR will function with low velocity ammunition, SU22 will not. Accuracy is similar and depends more on the ammo. SU22 is so much lighter than the AR that I prefer it for teaching kids. Also, SU22 mimics my house gun which is an SU16 (because AR15 has too much gas blowback when suppressed and the enclosed SU16 receiver and piston action do not).

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