Left-handed newbies

Last thing a new shooter needs is an additional handicap of a right-handed rifle.


The same carbine works as an oversized pistol for right-handed adults. It’s good for a quarter-sized group at 25 yards.

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5 Responses to Left-handed newbies

  1. pa stubbs says:

    As a left handed person I’m kind of excited but at the same time I don’t own nor buy left-handed products. I would say 80% of my family is left handed but when it comes around to buying something I opt for the right-handed[standard] model over the left handed model due to the fact that most things are designed for right-handed people. I even bought my nephew[7yrs old] a right-handed cricket despite him being left handed. I would hate for him to train and become efficient with a left-handed product only to find himself in a situation where he only has a right-handed model available. And as a former militant I can relate never did I once ask my drill sergeant for a left-handed rifle. All and all still a nice addition though maybe someday, somebody will make a left-handed gaming mice.

  2. Dandapani says:

    I’m not left handed, but am left eye dominant, so shooting a rifle southpaw has always been natural to me, even if the rifle is a righty. I agree with @pa stubbs about using what’s available and not special purposing.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I used to feel that way, then I fired a left-handed suppressed .22 AR. Crud from the ejection port ended up hitting my face on the left (glasses!) A left-hander shooting a right-handed gun runs into similar hazards.

  3. Autumnlovr says:

    Left-hand rifles are usually more accurate than the more mass-produced right-handed rifles. The dies are less worn. My hubby is a lefty and I do shoot his, just to make sure I’m not rattled by the difference. You never can tell when the “wrong-handed” tool may be required.

  4. Lyle says:

    In any case, we are encouraged to shoot weak hand on some regular basis. Starting out, I used a right-handed rifle left handed (I was cross dominant) and it felt perfectly OK to me at the time. Semiautos, particularly some of the bullpups, are a bit of an exception. That’s one reason why I was never attracted to bullpups. Your chosen rifle should work for you with either hand on the trigger.

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