Microsoft mouse problem with Windows 7 (64bit)

Today, my mouse started producing double-clicks when the left (single click) button is pressed. I have two USB Microsoft IntelliMouse opticals and both are misbehaving the same. I updated the drivers and checked mouse settings, no improvement. I click once and it becomes an automatic double-click. Suggestions on fixing this problem would be much appreciated.

Update: Logitech wireless mouse doesn’t have that problem.

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16 Responses to Microsoft mouse problem with Windows 7 (64bit)

  1. guy says:

    Have you tried them in more than one usb port?

  2. xpo172 says:

    Could be a virus in the driver, or the driver is corrupt. If you can find and delete the driver then do a fresh install, that might eliminate that idea.

  3. Wolfrick says:

    Check your settings for “Accessibility Options”, intended to make it easier for people with mobility challenges to use the computer. It’s possible you’ve unintentionally activated one of the options with an obscure key-combination.

    • I’ve certainly had things like that happen from time to time. Usually I see the dialog box and am able to cancel out, but sometimes I only see it after I’ve clicked through. And I imagine the right key combination would do it without going through a dialog, anyway.

      This GUI thing has issues . The business of windows popping up over other windows while I’m typing is an ongoing annoyance.

  4. Skip says:

    Logitek +1

  5. David says:

    I’ve been having the same issue with an Intellimouse and Win7 x64. Thanks for proving (or lending credence to the idea) that I’m not crazy.

  6. Scott says:

    Take the batteries out of the mice and put them back in. I don’t have this exact issue but my intellipoint mice go on the fritz and taking the batteries out seems to reset them.

  7. eli says:

    Control Panel, Folder Options, select the radio button for “Double-click to open an item(single-click to select)”. HTH

  8. Martyn says:

    My Logitech MX Laser mouse started to do the same thing. Especially irritating when playing Solitare!

  9. Herohog says:

    My Dell mouse on Win 4 64 bit went nuts and kept loosing connection and regaining it! I swapped it for an identical mouse on another Dell Laptop running Win 7 32 bit and the problem vanished! WTF???????

  10. RabidAlien says:

    Just go with the Logitech. Never had a problem with one of mine.

  11. Jerry says:

    Uhh, mice break, new mice, uh,(snjff,snort)grunt…..

  12. Azrael says:

    Take your mouse apart, there is a good chance that the small plastic dowel has worn down too far. You may have to replace to fix this.

  13. poobie says:

    When I’ve seen this in the past, it’s a worn microswitch under the mouse button. The FPS gaming I’ve done wears them out in a hurry, excepting the razer copperhead I’m using now. I’ve actually gotten more than a year out of it, a personal record. I’d suggest trying the offending rodents on another machine, in order to try and isolate the issue. if the behavior follows the hardware around, replace the mice.

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