How the blade rides.

I’ve mentioned Nikolay Ermolenko’s hand-forged knives before. This is how mine rides, in a sheath made by my friend Brian Keith. You can have a custom knife made by Nik for a pretty reasonable price — a unique and very functional high-carbon blade for around $50. You can inquire with him directly at

As for the Enfield, it’s been spoken for and will soon migrate to another home.

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7 Responses to How the blade rides.

  1. millerized says:

    That young lady gets prettier the more you photograph her.
    Wow. If I weren’t already spoken for….

    (I’d let her ignore me in a heartbeat!)

  2. EMS-Guy says:

    The SMLE nose cap t-shirt is a nice touch. I wouldn’t mind putting my nose against it. (But only with the lady’s permission of course!)
    BTW; The lower sling attachment is correct, the upper one is backwards.

  3. Nathan says:

    Where you find these lovely ladies is beyond me. Excellent.

  4. Tirno says:

    Nathan, it’s like he has a super power.

    Aquaman can summon fish.
    Oleg can summon both beautiful women and fancy guns.

    Superman has x-ray vision.
    Oleg can cause clothes to fall off.

  5. Matthew Carberry says:

    “This is how mine rides, in a sheath made by my friend Brian Keith.”

    You have pretty women carry your knives for you? You’ve got more mojo than I thought. 😉

  6. Brian Keith says:

    I’m happy to make more sheaths of that general design for $25 + shipping.

    I can make sheaths of other designs and we can talk about price.

    Email Oleg to get in contact with me.

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