Taurus 24-7 G2 + Viridian C5L

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4 Responses to Taurus 24-7 G2 + Viridian C5L

  1. Alaskan says:

    I’m glad gun companies are doing more in the way of ambidextrous levers/buttons/switches.
    Not every one is right handed and even those righties can get their arm injured (or be holding a child/infant/loved one) while moving back into a safer position/posture.

  2. Sideburns says:

    Umm, tagged 9×19? Looks like a .40 to me.

  3. Scott J says:

    Glad to see Taurus getting some love. So many sneer at the brand.

    I love my PT745 and my PT1911 shows great promise.

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