New on CTD: “Amazing Striking Power!”

22WMR vs. 22LR

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  1. Lanius says:

    WMR is just a solution looking for a problem…

    So expensive that it is pointless. Much more powerful cartridges can be had more cheaply here.

    I can get MG 7.62x54R rounds for less than some .22WMR. Why bother with it then?
    .223 is also cheaper often..

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Did you bother reading my post? 22WMR is a niche round for lightweight guns. You might enjoy setting off a 7.62x54R in a 2kg rifle and watching it tear up a rabbit, but people who hunt small game prefer comfortable recoil and limited meat damage. 204 Ruger, 22 Hornet, 5.7×28 are similar but all cost much more than 22wmr to shoot.

      • Wildman7316 says:


        I grant what you’re saying, my son has a Ruger 10/22 that he can drive tacks with chambered in .22 WMR (me, not so much). It’s just that I can reload my .22 Hornet for just a little less per shot to do the same job. I like the cartridge, just wish it was cheaper.

        • Oleg Volk says:

          I agree. For plinking, Winchester Dynapoint is about $7/50. When pricing reloaded ammo, the assumption is that your time is free.

          • Lanius says:

            I would much rather play RO2 than reload ammo I do not really need to use.

            Best FPS ever, in my eyes. Also good tactics in veteran clans..

      • Lanius says:

        Why bother with .22 wMR?

        Rabbits are easily dispatched with 16J head or heartshots.
        If you wanna be nasty, you can get a 40,80, or 160J airgun.

        Which is always a fuckton cheaper to shoot thany any WMR gun!

        See the videos of Brits creeping around killing them en-masse with their PCP airguns.

        • Lanius says:

          Seriously.. killing rabbits with shotguns and other gunpowder guns is just unsporting. Like going grizzly-hunting with a PTRD rifle with hollowpoint rounds!

          • Oleg Volk says:

            Air guns have certain down sides which are not shared by cartridge weapons — and 22WMR has other uses besides hunting. And how much is a good PCP air gun to buy?

            • Lanius says:

              You can buy a 40-60 .25 ACP airgun like Walther Dominator for say.. 400$…

              I love mine. It is not accurate (only 4 moa) but it is an 8-shot repeater. Great fun bolting!

              Enumerate the downsides please:
              I only see upsides:
              -cheaper to shoot
              -less poluting: no toxic stuff from primers

            • Lanius says:

              An airgun can also be modified for higher power. The 60J version of 1250 could probably be tweaked by a gunsmith into a 80-100J.

              Of course, that means you have to fill the reservoir a lot more often.

              Imo, the sweet spot is 40J or so. Even 16J pellets break glass nicely and are a fun to shoot.

              Also, I would not like to be shot anywhere with a 40J pellet.

              • Duray says:

                I wouldn’t want an airgun next to my bed when something goes bump in the night, but an RMR-30 would be a pretty versatile widget to have. If you’re passionate about pneumatic rifles, more power to you, but that has little to do with the RMR-30.

                • Lanius says:

                  I can buy a TT-33 for what.. $150.

                  If it works with JHP or some such ammo. You need anything better?

                  ~700J SA pistol? What is there not to love?

    • Weston Moss says:

      I think its a common trap for people to get caught in the cost per ft-lb of energy comparison. Different ammo for different purposes, a 12 gauge shotgun shell costs more then 2 .308 cartridges, and can’t make 800-yard hits…but then you wouldn’t use it for that purpose either.

      That being said, I do wish that .22WMR wasn’t as expensive as 9mm.

  2. mushroom says:

    I have been a staunch supporter of the .22WMR since I bought my first one in 1968. I can reload for my .223 about as cheaply as I can buy .22WMR — but only if I don\’t count my rather expensive time. The .22WMR has a considerable advantage over the .22LR in terms of range, and particularly effective range. It works well for me both in a rifle and my Single-Six.

  3. Sid says:

    The first gun I fired was a bolt action .22LR. Both of my kids have a .22LR as their first gun. But a good friend has a .22WMR revolver. We were doing some work at a hunting camp one day we decided to pull it out and let me try a few rounds. It was loud. What? Loud. Huh? LOUD. WHAT? LOUD! I don’t see any clouds? NOT CLOUD. LOUD! Huh….

    I don’t understand it as a round. It turns squirrels instead out yet sounds like Inspector Callahan’s preferred duty gun.

  4. Flo says:

    A lady I shoot 3-Gun with has a matching refitcta of pink furniture guns (her AR and riotgun have been featured on my blog). It’s not too late to rectify the shortcomings of your childhood…I bought a green SKS once only because it resembled a toy gun I lusted after as a kid. My dad got me a cheaper Win94-type toy gun instead.

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