Angled mag carriers

One problem with magazines in upright mag carriers, especially for women, is getting jabbed in the ribs. Kathy Jackson, the editor of Concealed Carry magazine, showed me her mag carrier by Desbiens Gunleather. It works well.

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  1. guffaw says:

    I went to the sight-it all looks excellent-however,
    I don’t see left-handed designs for the angled mag carriers?

  2. Eugene Kozarez says:

    Хм. а не удобнее наклонить вперед? Мне с моим опытом сомнительно такое ношение магазина.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Неинтуитивно, но так вроде намного быстрее вынимать в правильном положении для перезарядки.

      • Eugene Kozarez says:

        Исходя из моего опыта – магазин при ношении на поясе должен располагаться вертикально или быть наклонен вперед. Передней частью вперед в любом случае.

  3. John says:

    This looks like they make it easier to be stolen from behind.

    • Duray says:

      Have you ever had an issue with a criminal stealing your reloads? I wear a duty belt every day, and that’s the last of my worries.

  4. Flint says:

    The other problem with spare magazines, is that they don’t solve mechanical malfunctions with the firearm. Most defensive use will not require more rounds than are in the firearm, anyway.

    I’d rather carry a second pistol. A small pistol isn’t really all that much bigger/heavier than a spare mag, and gives mechanical redundancy.

    • Sid says:

      Along with my knife, my back-up knife in case the blade breaks, my ASP, my handcuff key, my lockpick, a few Traveler’s checks, some unmarked, nonsequential $20 bills, extra ammo for both guns, a compass, my water purification pills, a one-man tent….

      • Flint says:

        We’re not discussing carrying extra things. We’re discussing a situation in which someone has already decided to carry a spare mag. My point is that, if one is going to do so, carrying a spare gun, instead, is not a major difficulty.

        • Sid says:

          Concealed carry. Concealing a spare magazine is much easier than concealing a spare weapon.

          I don’t want a flame war, but carrying a spare magazine may make sense for some. But it begins to look paranoid to a jury when you have a second weapon in case the first one runs empty or has a malfunction.

    • Jac says:

      Except that a huge majority of malfunctions are magazine rather than firearm related. As long as you have a quality firearm, mags are going to be THE weak point in the system.

      • Flint says:

        Which is still addressed by grabbing a spare gun. In the middle of a gunfight, I’d rather not waste time trying to diagnose a malfunction. Plus, storing the magazine outside the firearm just gives more possibility of damage if you fall on it, or somesuch, making those magazine malfunctions more likely.

  5. T.Stahl says:

    Angled mag carriers look like a good idea. The question for me is: canted to the rear (easier to grip) or canted to the front (where the gun will be)?

  6. DGL says:

    Our “Reverse Cant” mag holder was designed to be worn in the front of the body as you would an appendix style holster, the magazine is pointed to the rear of the body. Worn in the front not only allows you to guard your spare magazine but allows you to do a lightning fast reload as it places your hand, wrist and, elbow in proper alignment with one another giving you efficiency of movement. We RH and LH versions.

  7. Bob says:

    I agree, shooting defensive pistol, a mag canted forward works much better for me.

  8. T.Stahl says:

    Hmm, rounds through my Glock: 21,365
    Fired by myself: 15,746
    Malfunctions: quite a few
    Of which can be blamed on mags: 0
    To be blamed on limpwristing, not cleaning often enough, ammo dimensions: all of them

    • Lanius says:

      It is like a gun.
      Yet it is not a gun.
      It is a Glock.
      An abomination to be melted down.

      Seriously. Went shooting this week with a CZ-75(newish one) and a Glock.

      75’s, I managed not bad groups..With a Glock, I could not even keep all of it on an A4 paper.

      Gave up in disgust. Also, gun has too few controls and options. I like DA/SA and prefer it to any other system. Had one malf with the CZ-75, failed extraction, stuck out like stovepipe. Doubt it was limpwristing..

  9. Flint says:

    A lot of malfunctions are magazine-related. Damaged feed lips or too-weak springs can cause issues. Still falls upon the operator’s shoulders, though, as it’s his responsibility to maintain his equipment.

  10. Paul Koning says:

    Re “carry a spare gun” — in some benighted states you can only carry one gun.

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