Celebrities among us

Kacie B. From ABC’s “The Bachelor” seen at last year’s Lucky Gunner shoot.

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3 Responses to Celebrities among us

  1. Lyle says:

    What a cute!

  2. Nabila says:

    Where do you find such beauties, Oleg? What’s your seecrt?She’s perfect. Flawless like a CVD diamond and with a more brilliant smile..Do you have access to a parallel dimensions where the Roman Empire did not fall but had an industrial revolution in the 1st millenium and where they clone you your models to your specs?

  3. Ilenia says:

    Given the recent envtes in Arizona and various places since then, I’m thinking if you want one, better make this priority and buy ASAP. In fact, I’m guessing this will become a LEO Only item really quickly. Pity, it sure does look compact, much like that Ithaca Bullpup waaaay back in 70’s.14 rounds – Wow!

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