Who is the top predator here?

Gremlin got his introduction to electrical RC airplane today. It certainly got his attention: for a while, I wasn’t sure if the cat was fearful, curious or interested. Once the plane landed, Gremlin pounced on it. So he was viewing it as either prey or toy the whole time!

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7 Responses to Who is the top predator here?

  1. Skreidle says:

    What, no photos of the attack? 🙂

  2. Farm.Dad says:

    GETSUM Gremlin lol

  3. Vlad says:

    Cats are predators. They are pretty damn sure anything that isn’t trying to kill them is there to be killed/eaten or to serve them.

  4. Sean says:

    Try an RC helicopter. One of the cheap $25 Walmart ones are good enough. They drive cats insane. Then I got creative, and taped a laser pointer to it, and flew it around the house. The cat turned into a screaming lunatic.

  5. Gunship Cowboy says:

    We had a Tiffany, which I believe is Gremlin’s breed. Our Miss Beethoven, lived in our house until she was 23. In all those years she hunted paper wad “mice” and would bring them to me every afternoon and then expect me to do my part and put food in her dish. If we had allowed her outside, I believe she would have been a wonderful hunter. It appears Gremlin is the same.

  6. Nikolay says:

    А где картинка?

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