Keystone 722 article updated.

Today, I was able to re-test it at longer range with the proper 6x rimfire scope.

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  1. Lyle says:

    Zero the factory sights such that the top of the front bead is just beneath the point of impact. Thus you align the “dot” such that it obscures essentially nothing, similar to using a standard post front sight. If you use a bull’s eye of the same angular size as the front bead, and use a bull’s eye zero (top of the bead even with the bottom of the bull) it should be possible to get nearly the same accuracy with the factory sights as with a scope out to 100 yards in favorable lighting conditions.

    Where the fiber-optic sights really perform is in low light conditions, like aiming into the shadows after dusk, when a black scope reticle or a black front sight post would be invisible. That’s also where I have a problem with the small objective optics. A telescopic sight, I believe, should have “luminosity parity”, at least at its lowest magnification, wherein the apparent brightness as seen through the scope should be at least that of seeing with the naked eye. I have a certain high-end scope that is wonderful in all respects except for that one. It’s illuminated reticle doesn’t help unless of course you can see the target (and that class of optic is also very popular right now). You learn things like that when you hunt, for the timing of your One Big Chance is not of your choosing. The implications carry over to defense also.

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