Rimfire trainers have been popular for a long time.

1903 Springfield trainer in .22LR

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3 Responses to Rimfire trainers have been popular for a long time.

  1. Len Faria says:

    I had an opportunity to use one of these back in the early 70’s. Nobody wanted to use it. Too heavy, single shot. I loved it. Anything you could see you could hit. Well almost. It was tiringly accurate though. We used to shoot apples off of a pig apple tree, maybe an inch and a half across. At seventy feet or so it was way too easy and so the challenge was to see how many times you could hit the apple before there wasn’t any left. Twenty hits was not unusual, and then flick off the stem. We also used to dent soda cans, just wing them so that you didn’t punch a hole in it, but creased it or left a little groove or dent. Well worth the weight. Heh.

  2. Firehand says:

    Single-shot? Every one I’ve seen used a five-shot magazine.

    As you say, heavy(.22 bore in a .30-caliber-diameter barrel means weight), and wonderfully accurate. The one I’ve fired has a globe front sight.

    • Len Faria says:

      Yes, single shot. No magazine and the owner was unable to find one. I didn’t care. Yes, there was a globe front sight and an easily adjustable peep sight with a second disc that stored on the sight body. I loved that gun.

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