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This target is designed to represent a realistic violent criminal actor. Shaded areas represent armor that is proof either against pistol and shotgun (both helmet and vest) or against rifle only (just the vest). VCA means “violent criminal actor”. The point of including the letters is to break the ingrained fear of official-looking outfits or criminals impersonating their members (as was the case with Brevik wearing a police vest). The target should be scaled to print life-size.

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13 Responses to Practice target

  1. Maggie Leber says:

    “…proof either against pistol and shotgun (both helmet and vest) or against rifle only (just the vest)”

    You said that backwards, right? Vest protects against pistol and shotgun…rifle will penetrate.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Not if the vest has plates. Depending on what your assumptions about the likely foes are, you can disregard the armor, treat is as pistol-proof or as rifle-proof (with plates).

  2. HerrBGone says:

    The ballistic plate in the VCA’s vest renders center of mass a waste of ammunition. Looking at the target it would seem that the most likely area for your outgoing fire to have any effect is the lower face and neck. So the best shot would seem to be to drive his larynx out through the vertebra of the neck just below the skull. This would be more difficult if the VCA has a weapon raised as his hands and arms as well as the weapon itself are now in the way of a clean shot. Are there other options (assuming a flame thrower is not available or practicable)?

  3. Maggie Leber says:

    Well, yes…but if there’s a trauma plate it defends against all three.

    Let’s hear it for the Mozambique Drill!

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  8. whitestone says:

    Go with a pelvic area shot if you can… there’s enough vital stuff and major arteries down there to take pretty much any aggressor out of a fight. Most body armor doesn’t adequately cover that area. Center of mass shots are ineffective on body armor with plates unless you have a large caliber or high velocity/mass round to have knock down power. Then your best option is to keep shooting till you hit something unprotected.

  9. Slobyskya Rotchikokov says:

    As the sergeant used to say, “Twice to the chest and once to the head; we’ll take them alive but prefer them dead.”

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