Big Boy

Henry Big Boy: ten rounds of .44 Magnum. The original in .44 Henry had only about 35% of the power of .44 Magum, the traditional 44-40 that descended from it a little less than half. Felt recoil is still negligible with either this or .45Colt.

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9 Responses to Big Boy

  1. Jay G. says:

    Y’know Oleg, when you put up a post with the title of “Big Boy”, one never knows what one might be getting into… 😉

    (Nice picture BTW)

  2. I shoot a Marlin model 1894S carbine. Bought it as a “Cowboy Action ” companion to my Ruger Super Blackhawk hogleg7 1/4″ barrel length Both are easy to draw and point. (Aiming is for long range shit, another discussion all together.)

    Fact is, I never got into the genre of Cowboy Action Shooting.

    I like shooting weapons that either gather food or help me protect myself from those who would do me and my family and community harm. That is the solid foundation of the 2nd Amendment. The rest is political rhetoric designed to strip us of those rights.

    BTW… The Marlin is a good, close quarter wild boar gun.

  3. Weston says:

    The rustic beauty and deadly-serious function of a levergun cannot be discounted. I will have to get me one some day!

  4. I want one of these in .357 Magnum.

  5. BLT says:

    “Felt recoil is still negligible with either this or .45Colt”

    Felt recoil is negligible with a .44 magnum load?

    I’m no daisy. I blast out 3″ magnum slugs out of my Beretta 1201FP just fine…and that shotgun makes other grown men cry (like a Browning Auto-5 with an afterburner…)

    Anyhow, I have a Winchester 94 Trapper in 44, and she definitely kicks with full-house rounds in her…which really surprised me, as I figured it would have a felt recoil significantly less than the same rounds out of my Super Redhawk…but not really. If I put a box of 50 rounds of 240gr through her, I can definitely tell the next day.

    Maybe the Big Boy weighs much more than the Trapper. The trapper does weigh next to nothing.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      The 10-round tube and rather beefy receiver made the kick a non-event for me…and I am hardly tolerant of recoil.

  6. JBranch says:

    My father uses a Ruger .44 Magnum lever-action to hunt deer. He’s had it a few years, he is 20-1 for one-shot kills with it, and the one that he missed, he realized he had bumped the scope on the way into the deer stand. Awesome weapon! I like the Henry a lot too. Classic.

  7. Gewehr98 says:

    I’ve been considering one of the Henry Big Boys as an adjunct to my S&W 696, so it can share the .44 Special ammo I handload for the latter. Anybody know how well the .44 Special round functions in the .44 Mag levergun? (Or the now-discontinued Winchester levergun chambered in .44 Mag?)

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