Keltec M43 bullpup in 6.5Grendel

6.5Grendel is a fast, dense round with good ballistic coefficient. In the last half-dozen years it has become a lot more popular. To me, it would make more sense scoped — but people have achieved great accuracy with similar 6.5mm Swedish Mausers which barely had more sight radius than this bullpup.

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11 Responses to Keltec M43 bullpup in 6.5Grendel

  1. Weebs says:

    If I showed up at the range dressed like that I’d get laughed at.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      My friends are less shallow and don’t judge people by how they dress.


    • You’ve never been to date night at the range? A while back, I was wringing out my preferred gun and noticed that the other bays were filling up with well-dressed gentlemen and ladies (although some were hastily borrowing the gentlemen’s suit jackets for cleavage protection, as their gown were cut for catching both attention and hot brass.)

      Turns out groupon or something similar was offering packages of nice dinner and range with handgun rental for two. I thought it was a terribly clever idea, and the couples were clearly having a great time.

      Then again, I’ve been known to dress in evening gowns when I was on crutches (much easier than trying to get sweatpants over a cast), and none of the gentleman at my home range gave me a hard time about showing up in a $500 high-necked gown with matching jewelry, cast, crutches, and one high heel to spend a few hours perfecting zen and the art of CZ-452.

      Hmm. I think I should entice my husband to dress up and take me out on a shooty date. Good idea, Oleg!

  2. drexotic says:

    Bond . . . James Bond

  3. Jonathan says:

    Honest to God Oleg, will this be available anytime soon?

  4. George says:

    Is there going to be an option for plain wood instead of the laminate as pictured?

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