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7 Responses to Nagant

  1. John de Soto says:

    The Nagant revolver is an unusual weapon. If I get the chance to pick up another one at a decent price I’ll snap it up. It’s more than accurate enough for its intended purpose, has little recoil, and is the only revolver I’m aware of that can be used with a suppressor. All the energy goes downrange, where it’s supposed to go, rather than having much of it blow out through a gap between the barrel and the cylinder.

  2. Turk says:


  3. Turk says:

    BTB, I own 2 Nagant revolvers. Once my wife and I move to Pennsylvania, I wanna get a silencer for one….because I can…..(grin)

  4. Mike says:

    Needs leather jacket.

    Там сидела Мурка
    В кожаной тужурке
    Из кармана виден был наган…


  5. "lee n. field" says:

    Interesting to me that the gun is probably five times the model’s age.

  6. revjen45 says:

    The M1895 seems like the perfect trail/walking around sidearm.

  7. That is a stunningly beautiful young lady.

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