Maintain eye contact. Don’t look down!

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6 Responses to Maintain eye contact. Don’t look down!

  1. Lergnom says:

    Most impressive; the photography, the model and the weapon. It’s like looking into a sewer pipe. What caliber?

    Stay safe

  2. Ray says:

    That dragoon or walker colt is a cannon (if it go’s off) I’ve hunted with them and they are not a slouch when loaded with conical lead bullets giving better performance than the .455 Webly & Scott revolvers. I used to load my Dragoon with a .452 230 Gr. Lead round nose, over 40 gr of FFF with RWS caps. That load would crono right around 800 FPS give or take 25 fps.

    • Lyle says:

      It’s a bit out of focus, but the Walker barrel wedge goes in from right to left and that one appears to go in from left to right. So I’ll say it’s not a Walker but one of the later Dragoons. Also can’t quite make out the tip of the loading lever, which would be another give-away.

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