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Economics 101: the price spikes.

Imagine a store with ten rifles in stock, average wholesale price $500, retail $600. One sells per week, on average. What should the store do when the customers buy five rifles in a day? They would want to re-stock immediately … Continue reading

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My take on the current feeding frenzy

I do not think that it will amount to anything in terms of gun control. When our side is voting with thousands of dollars in purchases and many hours of activism, training and lobbying, the other side has only talking … Continue reading

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Sporadic Internet access

I am currently in a Third World location with infrequent Internet access and much work to do when I have it. So updates and new photos will be up later, probably upon my return. The weather here is wonderful, the … Continue reading

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Canon 300/4 IS lens for sale.

I was finally able to buy a 300/2.8 IS, so the f4 is now surplus. Asking $860 including shipping within continental US. B&H is asking $1350 for it new, $1050 used. Review of the 300/4 IS.

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Movie Review: The Hobbit.

Summary: don’t waste your time or your patience. Casting: very poor. Certain characters, such as Thorin, were mis-cast. Screenplay: terrible. Even having read the book, I found the plot disjointed and nonsensical. Logical connections between events were lost. The spirit … Continue reading

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Calling gun rights enthusiasts in Guam, Puerto Rico, Marianas

I’d like to get in touch with pro-RKBA people at those locations. Feel free to give them my email (olegvolk at gmail). This is time-sensitive.

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Coincidences in most massacres

Mass murderers use different methods (arson, explosions, knife attacks, shootings), but two coincidence just jump out at me. The first is that almost all mass murderers are men. The other is that they seek out locations where good people are … Continue reading

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How much can you hate a plant?

Marko the Munchkinwrangler sums up the social effects of prohibitions in the most eloquent way.

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Kel-Tec SU16D short-barreled rifle in action

The boring reliability is why an SU16 is my go-to rifle.

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New on CTD: Self-Diagnostic for Defensive Rifleman

Self-Diagnostic for Defensive Rifleman Three rounds of ammunition, two dimes’ worth of office supplies and five minutes could tell you much about your degree of readiness.

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Only One Knife Left

$45 (SOLD) Icelandic pattern knife made from tractor trailer leaf suspension spring. I have one similar to it and it’s a very handy blade. Another one I had went to a friend as a wedding present — that’s the great … Continue reading

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Custom Combat HK USP40 For Sale

Update: sold. Brand new, unfired pistol with Novak sights, flared mag well, extended (16rd) magazines. The trigger group allows cocked and locked or traditional double action with decocker. Comes with a color-matched Blackhawk pistol bag. My friend bought it several … Continue reading

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This is my killing curse. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

“Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters: united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels” This visual offense against good design actually shoots fairly well and the safety improves considerably on the … Continue reading

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I Love Integral Suppressors.

I like the full sight radius, the quiet report and the improved balance. In some cases, the low-key look also helps. This one is from SRT Arms.

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Where to Find the Movie “Oba the Last Samurai”?

I’d like to watch it but I do not see a streaming version available for purchase on-line. Any idea where I could find it? Buying a DVD and waiting for it to be shipped feels like too much trouble.

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Selective Outrage?

The bombardment of Guernica in 1937 is in every history book. The more destructive and murderous bombardment of Copenhagen isn’t. Likewise, the current efforts to raise taxes are condemned but 1950s administrations got a free pass on the 90%+ top … Continue reading

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The version shown is not the final version. UTAS is now shipping an improved variant.

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The Hidden Inflation.

Producers are under two pressures: to raise prices to account for the loss of purchasing power of each dollar, and to lower prices to attract customers with declining incomes. They most obvious way to accomplish both is to keep the … Continue reading

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A Highly Recommended Blog

According to Hoyt, political and historic commentaries by a great science fiction author.

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My Favorite Navigator

My father in Prague.

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