Only One Knife Left

$45 (SOLD)

Icelandic pattern knife made from tractor trailer leaf suspension spring. I have one similar to it and it’s a very handy blade. Another one I had went to a friend as a wedding present — that’s the great thing about custom knives, they make unique gifts. Since this is the last blade left, shipping would be only $10 within continental US.

A little background information about the knife maker.

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3 Responses to Only One Knife Left

  1. Sammy Taylor says:

    I’ll take it too.

  2. longbeardeast says:

    Any chance on any more being offered for sale? Very interested. Love the knife!!

  3. roo_ster says:

    My great grandfather made some butcher knives out of the spring steel from a busted wind-up phonograph. Still in use, nearly 80 years later. Wonderful stuff, that spring steel.

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