Little girl who cleans up well for pictures. Morgan is 17.

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  1. I don’t like two mags together as it throws the balance off kilter. You can drop a mag and insert a new one about as quickly as reversing the two, as long as the spare is close at hand. I can only vouch for my stock, Bulgarian AK with 30 rounders, though.

    • Steelheart says:

      It looks like those mags are both feed end up so it should be a little faster reload.

      This looks more like a grab and go set-up so the dual mags makes sense even with her outfit.


  2. Raskin says:

    Regarding Vepr 7.62, I find it so cute, i fels really small when you hold it, although 430 mm barrel.

  3. I wanna hear more about that AKS-74U.

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