After the safety rules, the next most important thing…

…is to have fun.

Crickett rifle in the hands of a professional sniper.

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4 Responses to After the safety rules, the next most important thing…

  1. Sid says:

    I actually like to shoot my son’s Crickett. Although he now wants a semi because he has noticed that his sister’s 10/22 shoots faster. We are thinking about a M&P 22.

  2. Bob G says:

    “Youth” guns are also great for adults. They are light and small and may be just the thing for a backpacking trip, or to add to a Bug-Out Bag. Some of them are very well made and should outlast their owners.

    I’m very fond of my little T/C Hot Shot .22LR single shot, which looks like a scaled down Encore. It’s the lightest and smallest .22 I’ve ever used, although I needed the stock extension (included) to shoot it. It comes with a good sights and a good trigger. I didn’t buy it just for the kids to shoot!


  3. itor says:

    what is the make of the low profile hearing protection?

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