Promo for Boberg Arms

Boberg Arms | Meco Holsters

This pistol has a longer barrel than usual for the slide length. Roughbaugh R9 (2.9″) yields 885fps with this round, while XR9-S gets around 1030fps and does so with significantly lower recoil. Rotating breech does a great job of taming the kick, and the chamber is fully supported because no fed ramp is necessary with the straight-line feed.

Meco mag pouch shown is a tuckable design, designed for maximum concealment.

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4 Responses to Promo for Boberg Arms

  1. Tony Lekas says:

    From the photo I don’t see how the mag pouch works as a tuckable. I often have problems visualizing things unless I see them for real. How does it work? I have a tuckable Galco SkyOps holster and I understand how it works.

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  4. camtec says:

    Nice ad.

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