Trade show display for Eurosports LLC

Tula Ammo USA

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3 Responses to Trade show display for Eurosports LLC

  1. Redd09 says:

    I’ve used the Tulammo before in my DPMS, it seems to like it. The stuff is also decently accurate from what I’ve experienced. And boy does it do a number on the steel plates we shoot at.

  2. Tony Lekas says:

    I just ran a NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home class today. One of the students was shooting 9mm Tulammo. I was seeing sparks when it hit the steel backstop. It looked like normal full metal jacket bullets but there was something different. I took a big magnet and found that not only the case but also the jacket was ferrous, probably made of steel. The jacket had a copper wash so it looked normal. I did not see any obvious damage to the backstop so I let him continue. I do wonder if a lot of it shot at the same spot might cause more wear than normal ammo.

  3. Tony Lekas says:

    The student who came with the Tulammo sent me a link to an article on bimetal ammo:

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