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After the safety rules, the next most important thing…

…is to have fun.

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Little girl’s first day at the range

This girl and her mother were both afraid of guns. Her mother went just to learn how to unload them…ended up getting a taste for shooting, while her daughter turned into a full-bore gun nut at age eight. She started … Continue reading

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Which of them is having more fun?

The guy with an advanced .308 bullpup topped with a Nightforce scope… …or the kid with a GSG522 topped with a budget Primary Arms 1-4x? PS: The kid should have been wearing safety glasses. That was fixed as soon as … Continue reading

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GSG522 gets scoped

When I took the 522 carbine to the range first, I had a (broken) red dot sight with it — predictably, the results didn’t look useful until I removed it and used iron sights. The gun comes with several front … Continue reading

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Ammunition expenditures

My last range trip lasted three and a half hours. We brought three guns only and hand three people alternating on a single firing point. No rapid fire, one zeroing. Ended up shooting about a hundred rounds each of .308, … Continue reading

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Mixing it up at the range

Took the 308 Vepr to the range for the first time. Since I didn’t have the lowest rings available, the gun could have used a cheek rest. Even so, the nice 2.5-10x scope worked really well at 50 yards. Rain … Continue reading

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Trijicon Reflex 1×42

I finally found a good sight for the KSG: fiber optic Reflex. It holds the recoil of slugs fine, has a wide field of view and a bright reticle. Fiber optic/tritium illumimation means I do not have to remember to … Continue reading

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A young lady becomes a rifleman

Combine a child-sized bolt action rifle, a box of low-power quiet .22 ammunition, eye and ear protection, high-visibility targets, three patient instructors and a precocious girl aged four and a half. She drilled with her mother earlier in the week … Continue reading

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Range time in the Spring

Another great day at the range. Went to see the next update of Leader 50 and to socialize with friends. Finally tried my Mossberg 144 at 100 yards and was able to hit a pop can every time. Rimfire match … Continue reading

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Anti-gun ranges aren’t much fun.

Tamara and Sayuncle has long noted that being a gunnie is much more fun than being an anti-gunnie. JRC 9mm can be configured for left-hand ejection but that requires partial disassembly and we didn’t have the time. Next range trip … Continue reading

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An excellent range day

For once, I went to the range without a camera. With several guns to fire in a limited time and poor lighting available, I concentrated on having fun. We set up at 25 yards and played for a while. One … Continue reading

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Having a great time at Keltec

Keltec is one of the most pleasant companies I’ve ever visited. People seem friendly to each other, helpful to me and working with them is a joy. Went for another range trip today, mostly to shoot video of their guns … Continue reading

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Hanging out with the good people of Keltec this week

Most video and photos will be up upon my return, but here’s a little sample of today’s range time. Glassing the target: The purpose of the 24″ barrel is reduced muzzle blast and about 200fps of added velocity over the … Continue reading

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The best thing about taking new shooters to the range

Carbine shown is a Keltec SU22 carbine with AAC Prodigy suppressor and Primary Arms red dot.

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New on CTD blog: How to introduce new shooters, efficiently.

New article on CTD blog about providing a good first range experience for new shooters. The holster purse above is from Gun Tote’n Mamas.

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How to shoot 7.62x54R and not feel much recoil

Just back from Knoxville where I got to hang out with Sayuncle, Dennis Badurina, Evie (in the video below) and several new friends. Went to shoot with WPA. Based on the experience, I now want an ITT hydraulic stock buffer … Continue reading

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Arran at the range

Perfect range weather today: about 50*F and overcast, with no wind.

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Just back from the range

Leader 50 is finally in production at Micor but we played with the prototype. Nightforce 12-42×46 scope in American Defense QD mount.

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Mutual support

Went to Horse Quarters with friends today. Took quite a few photos of horseback riding. Also got a little marksmanship instructing done. SU22 with PA micro dot (very useful as two of three shooters today were cross-eye dominant) and AAC … Continue reading

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Boberg XR9-S again

Shot it with regular ammo and SBR tracers yesterday. Watching people getting hits on a 50 yard target with a pocket pistol was pretty cool.

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