Ammunition expenditures

My last range trip lasted three and a half hours. We brought three guns only and hand three people alternating on a single firing point. No rapid fire, one zeroing. Ended up shooting about a hundred rounds each of .308, .223 and .22. So 300 rounds total on a very slow range day.

Assuming just one range trip per month weapon, it still works out to more than a case of ammunition per caliber just staying in practice. Had we done movement drills or run three firing points, the ammo consumption would have at least doubled.

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7 Responses to Ammunition expenditures

  1. camtec says:

    100 rounds of .308= sore shoulders, I would think.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Not at all! First, the hundred were shared three ways, for another Vepr has minimal felt recoil.

      • Ratseal says:

        7.62×51 recoil is trivial when the firearm is a full size BR. I ran a M14 all day long during contact drills (upwards of 8000rds) and had no shoulder issues. The guys running CARs shot 50% more. The 60gunners ate up 3k rounds per day.

        Easy as pie.

        The VEPR looks slick- vaguely AK-ish.

  2. Vlad G. says:

    Range trips do indeed get very pricey. Even when shooting 50BMG most of the costs of ammo go to 9mm (high volume squirt gun), 308 and and 223.

  3. Alan Fisher says:

    And if you read about it in the main stream media, that 300 rounds would sound like an asenal of death and destruction. A normal Appleseed weekend burns about 400 per shooter. Since most of it is easily done with a .22 that is certainly the way I suggest people plan. My ammo locker is under stocked by my standards but must be causing anguish among the anti-gunners. A firearm with less than 1000 rounds handy is unsupported. Then you need enough surplus to stay in practice.

  4. MAJ Mike says:

    Impossible to over-do a range trip.

  5. Lyle says:

    You eventually consider reloading your own.

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