The best thing about taking new shooters to the range

Carbine shown is a Keltec SU22 carbine with AAC Prodigy suppressor and Primary Arms red dot.

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1 Response to The best thing about taking new shooters to the range

  1. Tarisa says:

    When did this happen? Since its a Kel-Tec, never. I rellay hate to be hopping on the bandwagon ragging on Kel-Tec. I want to buy their products. A lot of that desire has been driven by Olegs photography and reviews. The problem is I *can’t* buy their products.This isn’t the same can’t buy like an AMG Mercedes, this is can’t buy because these are good products, with a sane MSRP, that aren’t on dealer shelves.It’s even more frustrating that Kel-Tec doesn’t seem to say anything about it! A simple We hear you and shipped 1000 KSGs last month or Business is booming and we’re adding a 3rd shift or We’re a small company and just can’t keep up with demand . I commend and admire Kel-Tec for having all of their new products sold out, but they could be doing better with that success!

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