New on CTD: On Reliability of Drum Magazines

An overview of drums.

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3 Responses to New on CTD: On Reliability of Drum Magazines

  1. Alexandr says:

    по-моему на фото то что называется pan magazine, у drum другой расположение и выход патронов

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Согласен…в статье они и описаны. Здесь картинка просто для привлечения внимания. Correct, this is a pan magazine. The picture is just to get attention, while the article shows actual drums.

  2. Sid says:

    I agree with the general premise of the article. Well designed magazines that are maintained have come a long way from earlier pieces.

    I have a sideline business and my customers are always asking for “no maintenance” equipment. I usually just nod and say that once I invent it they will be the first customer I call. There is no such thing as no maintenance. It is not a burden to load and unload magazines on a periodic basis. On our last deployment, I had each member of my platoon paint the bottoms of one complete set of magazines white. Each week, we rotated between the white and unmarked magazines. Never had a stoppage due to magazines.

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