New on CTD: A magazine design dilemma.

Weigh in on how rimfire magazines should be designed.

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2 Responses to New on CTD: A magazine design dilemma.

  1. Шилин Павел says:

    После создания прочных прозрачных пластиков делать “открытые” магазины могут только эстеты, не оружейники.

  2. xl_target says:

    One would assume that we are talking about Tactical .22 LR’s here.
    Unlike a service rifle, most tactical .22 are used at the range, for plinking or in competition. How many do you see in the woods, when hunting? I really don’t see many here, come small game season. So if your .22 fails at the range, it’s annoying but certainly not life threatening or having to go home empty handed after a hunt.
    IMO, most people who buy tactical .22’s already have a semi, pump or bolt that they use for hunting. A tactical .22 is usually a second or third choice among serious small game hunters. That might be changing now as there are so many tactical .22’s available and younger hunters aren’t so particular about walnut and blued steel.
    So open sided .22 LR mags are here to stay, in fact many people probably demand it on their .22’s.

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