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Soap, water and a couple minutes of your time

A video I recently filmed and edited for Anderson Manufacturing.

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Boberg XR9-S arrived!

And it looks awesome. Fit and finish are much better than on the prototype. It even comes with a clear and well-produced instruction manual. Photos soon.

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In tall grass

Rainier Arms rifle on AXTS ambi receiver.

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Re-loading a KSG

With the balance of the shotgun right over the pistol grip, reloading a KSG is different from a conventional pump gun but no harder. And it’s only necessary half as often. BUIS: Magpul, red dot: Primary Arms M3. I am … Continue reading

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Visual musings

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I need more spare time

I’ve had this rifle for almost three months now. I have yet to shoot it myself… Anderson Mfg. sniper rifle (20″ barrel, .223Rem) with 3.5-15x Nightforce scope and YHM BUIS.

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Adults shooting kids’ rifles

Last weekend, I finally zeroed one of the Crickett rifles I have, the left-handed version. I zeroed it at 25m and then tried firing for effect. From prone position, I was able to hit 12ga shotgun shell hulls laid out … Continue reading

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Jilly, Marisa and Martini

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Ambidextrous rifle from Rainier Arms

Nice rifle, pity it isn’t mine. The Samson forend is quite small in circumference and very light thanks to careful skeletonizing. Magpul UBR stock, grip, sights and rail sling attachment. AXTS receiver has all controls duplicated left and right. Rainier … Continue reading

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More Dragoncon characters

Writer Kevin Evans Atlanta street zombie…not to be confused with a typical Chicago voter.

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The Lawdog got it (9-11)

Reflections on the ten-year mark.

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Cell phone repair

Two months ago, I switched to an HTC phone. Its microphone seems either poorly made or just broken, as many people complained that it’s become hard to hear my side of the conversation. The phone also spontaneously dials random numbers … Continue reading

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Plastic birdshot

Recently, I received several boxes of less lethal munitions from Rio. Beanbags, rubber buckshot and roundball, blanks and plastic birdshot. Since riot control isn’t my thing, and I don’t hunt plastic decoys with rubber buck, I was trying to find … Continue reading

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Dennis from Dragon Leather was just here

He showed me the prize holster for the current Wounded Warrior fundraiser. Dragon Leather, now in Tennessee.

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Who left an ACOG at my place?

Going through the side pockets of a soft case, I found a bore snake, rubber ear plugs, playing cards and an ACOG. I can’t recall who left the two cases for me to use, but I am pretty sure that … Continue reading

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I like the Steampunk style

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Back from Dragoncon

Had a good time with Madmike, Wing, Montieth and other friends. I mostly just relaxed and kicked back. Most of the panel discussions didn’t interest me much, but small group and one on one conversations after hours were fun. Met … Continue reading

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How to get in touch with PR department at Sony

Canon Professional Services have, on occasion, provided me with loaner equipment for evaluation. I am now curious about Sony A77 and would like to try it out for a few days. Any suggestions who to contact at Sony with the … Continue reading

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