Adults shooting kids’ rifles

Last weekend, I finally zeroed one of the Crickett rifles I have, the left-handed version. I zeroed it at 25m and then tried firing for effect. From prone position, I was able to hit 12ga shotgun shell hulls laid out with the brass facing me every time. Each target was about 2/3″ in diameter. My ammunition was lousy Remington subsonics, not really known for consistency. I will try it from longer range eventually, but it seems entirely adequate for teaching marksmanship to kids. I shot the gun from the right shoulder, holding it like a pistol for reloading.

I also shot the custom Doublestar rifle for the first time since I zeroed it. We ran about 150 rounds of ball through it. I also shot a 20-round box of SBR frangibles. No difference in point of impact at close range. Same as earlier, zero malfunctions and good accuracy. My targets were small pieces of sandstone at 25-30m — each hit turned them into yellowish cloud of dust. Not a very long range, but then the targets were not big, either. As you can see, a 6’1″ man can use the short stock comfortably — as can a 4’11” woman or a 4′ even teenager.

The red dot is yet another Primary Arms micro.

At the same range outing, my friend Dave introduced three new shooters to revolver. In two hours, the three women went from .22LR through .44Magnum — with great accuracy and without flinching. All three were having fun and punching out two-inch target dots from 5-7 yards.

I introduced three adults and a 14yo kid to rifle, using mostly a suppressed SU22 with a red dot. All had much fun and were able to print 3-4″ groups at 25m without using a rest. Passing on the skill is pure self-interest — but it also entertains the new shooters and will serve them well later in life.

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