Soap, water and a couple minutes of your time

A video I recently filmed and edited for Anderson Manufacturing.

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8 Responses to Soap, water and a couple minutes of your time

  1. Vlad says:

    Hrm, kind of tempting. I’m afraid to go to the site to look at the price.

  2. North says:

    Nicely done. A little more enthusiasm in the voice may have played better. 🙂 Cinematography was clear and free of superfluous motion. Only one place where background audio was noisy and should have been post-processed out.

    All in all a good production.

  3. Javaduke says:

    Hmmmm… What’s wrong with good old CLP and cotton swabs and patches? Granted, takes more than a couple of minutes for the proper cleaning, but me, I enjoy cleaning my guns almost as much as I enjoy shooting them (and boy, do I love that smell of gun oil, mmmm). And I never had any malfunction, jam, FTF, FTE, etc. But water and soap? No me gusta…

  4. I don’t like the sound. It goes from dead silent to loud metallic clicks. I think you should either allow background sounds, especially the sounds of cleaning, or eliminate all sound except for the voiceover. The extreme changes in the sound also means that you get background sounds during the voiceover. You might need to re-record all the voiceover with a proper sound booth. I agree that the voiceover sounds flat. Too excited would be a problem, but it doesn’t sound conversational. It sounds like a bunch of isolated declarations.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      The voiceover was actually done in a quiet environment, but I will be re-recording parts of it anyway. The environment had too much AC and cicada noise to be usable. Might add a little background music 🙂

  5. Glenn Bellamy says:

    Whatever you do, don’t cut out the sounds of working the action and pulling the trigger at the end. The click, click, click timing is very nice.

  6. Lyle says:

    I was interested in seeing how the gunk inside the carrier, just behind the bolt, comes out. That’s the worst place to clean, but it was not addresses.

    I wasn’t put off by the sound, but in a few places I felt it could have moved along a bit faster. I suppose the gun sounds could be slightly muted. A lot of that sort of thing is a matter of preference. The small-room reverb on the voiceover might be something I’d seek to reduce or eliminate. Getting the mouth very close to the microphone, so there is less gain required, will mute most of the room ambience. Just don;t speak directly into it or you’ll get popping of “P” sounds and the like. Overall sound quality is good, i.e. no obvious distortion or bad EQ. You have a good speaking voice. I’m not a big fan of music overlays. They’re over-used and they tend mainly to get in the way as far as I’m concerned. Plus the music that one person loves, another will hate.

    Also don’t get lulled into believing you have to look like the TV or movie editors. I hate most of them anyway. Do your own thing, Baby.

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