For Sale: Canon 300/4 IS lens

I’d like to upgrade my 300/4 lens to a 300/2.8. Originally, I picked the f4 over the f2.8 because of the closer focus (5ft vs. 8ft), lighter weight (2.6lb vs. 5.6lb) and much lower price. I discovered that I always use the 200/2.8 for close-range work and only use the 300 for ranges past 8ft anyway, and I would prefer a wider aperture.

Current B&H listing for the 300/4IS is $1379. I’m listing mine for $1179. It’s in excellent condition. The newest 300/2.8 is listing for $7200, but I can find a used older variant for closer to half that price.

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3 Responses to For Sale: Canon 300/4 IS lens

  1. camtec says:

    That is an expensive F- stop. You are aware ,of course, that you will not gain sharpness with a 2.8 over a 4. You may get more precise focusing due to decreased depth of field.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Having used both, I think that the faster is sharper at f4. At f2.8, we can’t compare. I also prefer the out of focus look with the 2.8 lens.

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