A new source of written amusement

Balzac’s short stories and novels on-line. I was curious about an illustration for L’amie du Roi and decided to look up the story itself.

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3 Responses to A new source of written amusement

  1. CiDirkona says:

    What an unfortunate last name…

    …nobody wants to read short stories from my Balzac!

  2. Jeff Dege says:

    I’ve found that since I bought my Nook, I’ve been reading a lot of old books.

    Pretty much everything published prior to 1923 is in the public domain, and there’s an immense amount of it available online, free for the download,

    And it’s a lot easier to read it on a tablet than on a laptop or a desktop.

    (As for new books, I’ve only bought a very few. And those that I was certain I’d be throwing away in a couple of months.)

  3. Delightful! “Droll Stories of Balzac” was the first “naughty” book I read. (Mom didn’t understand what “droll” means, I was reading and comprehending at a basic college level by 4th grade.) When my older daughter started Junior High, I gave her a copy as a present. She’s 18, and still has it.

    Tremendous thanks for the link, of course I’ve passed it onto her. (smiling)

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