Custom Kydex

This small of the back holster was designed by my friend Chris back when he worked as an Air Marshal. He specializes in deep concealment holster, mag pouches and knife sheaths. All his holsters are truly custom, made to your specifications. If you have something you’d like to sheathe in kydex, drop him a line at

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5 Responses to Custom Kydex

  1. Alany H says:

    I like the gun! Probably another one not allowed in CA though. Hope you have it still when I visit. 🙂 That is a cute gun!

  2. Kim D Campbell says:

    ‘Twould be nice if they posted a few of their products on their web site.

  3. Boris says:

    My spouse got moderately excited when she saw this as a small of the back holster, seein as how she has a bodyguard .380. She usually carries with a looper Flash-bang, but she’s still looking for other carry options.

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